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Sunday, September 08, 2013

I blinked

Tomorrow is surreal and monumental.  Tomorrow is a day I could barely fathom back in 1996. Tomorrow Payton Taylor turns 17.  The girl who used to come to me for  a diaper change now comes to me for guy advice. The little baby I used to hold and rock to sleep now towers over me by nearly a foot.  The little thinker that used to love rides in her stroller traded in those wheels this year for a car and her first job.  She is the first of 7 Taylor girls, the first one to teach me the ropes and the first little lady in my life to take a piece of my heart for her own.  Payton, you'll always and forever be the reason why the very first day we met, when you were just 6 little weeks old, I knew I was meant to be your nanny.

But I'll still put you in timeout if you misbehave. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blog

I have not posted in so long. I'm going to have to ease back into this.


I promise I will write an actual post soon but in the meantime, please venture over this site and the first 4 years of Britain's life. Damn, I really didn't know what was coming for me.

Friday, November 20, 2009

No Excuse

Work has been taking up a lot of my time. I barely get on to check email let alone have time to blog. I HAVE been facebooking a lot. Add me: Tammy Ames. We'll tawwk.

Brit's getting older and wiser and can even eat with utensils.

Matt's still hot (possibly hotter?) and takes my breath away at any given moment. We're better than ever!

Everyone in my fam is feeling the financial woes, even the ones we thought would buy us all houses one day.

My grandma and I hang out weekly and lately, I have been thinking morbid thoughts (WHO ME?) that "this could be the last time we talk/laugh/eat at McDonalds". I've already explained to Britain what death is because I'm that strange, but I know there will be a HUGE hole when it does happen.

Super excited about:

BLACK FRIDAY! 4 AM at Kohls with Monica. Need I say more?
NOV 28 My best friend Kim is having a shower because we made her. She feels like because its her third child she shouldn't have one, but it's with her new husband and it's HIS first biological child. Basically she invited the 5 people that wouldn't stop bugging her. And Kim's making sugarfree cupcakes because my friend is allergic to sugar! I know! The horror!!!!
NOV 30: The new Pittsburgh casino and I are going to totally do it.
DEC 4: Someone whos name starts with Kristen and I are going to karaoke into the night and she may or may not be getting a book title "Faeries Gone Wild"
DEC 5 Channel 12 office party. Oh the tales I could tell if I hadn't signed that confidentiality agreement.
And sometime in the next few months I plan to: see an effin movie in the theater, hang with the Chicks Of 96 and take over the town of Waterford (again. They are still rebuilding from the last time), paint my living room which may or may not include the color burnt orange, take back my bedroom because right now unless you have been in my womb or have a pillow on my bed that says "Matt", KEEP OUT. Its bad.

Merry Holidays Blogettes!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

People Of WalMart

U.S. of A(wesome)

Thank you to my sister in law Monica for this website Don't ever head to WalMart without your camera again, peeps.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer With Britain

We had Britain's 4th birthday party at 8 Great Tuesdays. About 5000 uninvited guests showed up and not even TWO Barbarian pizzas from Barbatos could feed them all.

All you had to do was find the annoying yellow smiley face balloons in the crowd of thousands. Those pizzas had 25 pieces each pizza! I'd recommend them to anyone having a huge party.

Backyard fun

JULY 4 2009

Nana and Britain

Monday, July 20, 2009

Preschool: Year One

Video where Britain had to demonstrate to me what she was saying because I am obviously an idiot. "Daaaaark!!" *switches off light. "Like that."

End of year Preschool Picnic

What I Did On My Spring Vacation Pics

May, 2009

Pittsburg with Mark and Mary NOW ENGAGED!!! Wedding next May!

"Uncle Cheggs" graduates from Alfred University!!!

Erie Idol Final Pics

Thursday April 16, 2009

Erie Idol Video

This is a VERY DARK video of my semi final performance at the Cell Block.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tam Is Dead Tam Is Dead Tam Is Dead Tam Is Dead

No, I'm not dead. There's too much debt I have to pay off before I can die. My computer at home is just a piece of shit. I don't even try to get on it anymore. So posting will be few and far between.

New things:

Brit is now 4 years old as of last week. Ugh. At least she's turning into more of a lady than ever before!

I'm spending more time at home, mostly because I'm broke and can't afford to drive my car more than I have to. Sometimes I get so stir crazy I find things to organize like my spice rack. Two weeks ago I took everything out of Britain's room and put everything back where it should be. I was a Lysol commercial.

Matt and I are better than ever. He's a great husband. Sometimes we even hold hands in public.

Britain takes swimming lessons now. She is no longer afraid to go in past her bellybutton.

I am going to Chicago this weekend with Matt's parents and Britain to visit The American Girl Doll Mansion. Can you feel the excitement rushing through my body? Why the hell are American Girl Dolls so damn expensive? The closest thing I ever had to a doll was the 2 for $1 barbie dolls at Dollar General and it took all of 3 days to buzz all their hair off. I DID enjoy playing with my one and only Cabbage Patch Doll, Katrina Lynn and I'm ashamed to admit I carried her around until I was 13. But I AM excited to see Chicago. It's been a favorite city of mine since I found out Fred Savage grew up in a suburb nearby. And I've never been. Plus his parents are totally footing the bill! Matt's parents, not Fred Savage's.

I've decided the people I have no interest in hanging with are not worth my time and I'm tired of pretending I can put up with you and your tantrums. This does not mean that the people I haven't seen in forever and miss hanging out with are in this category such as Kristen B., ron r., Erin F. and Monica A.

Matt's 10 year reunion from high school is coming next weekend. Man, I remember mine like it was yesterday, before electricity and iPods.

All the pictures I've taken recently are stuck on my memory card. I will upload soon.

Until then, Bloggys...

Move Over Mary Poppins

A nanny since 1996, I'm tired of washing nipples that aren't mine.