Friday, November 20, 2009

No Excuse

Work has been taking up a lot of my time. I barely get on to check email let alone have time to blog. I HAVE been facebooking a lot. Add me: Tammy Ames. We'll tawwk.

Brit's getting older and wiser and can even eat with utensils.

Matt's still hot (possibly hotter?) and takes my breath away at any given moment. We're better than ever!

Everyone in my fam is feeling the financial woes, even the ones we thought would buy us all houses one day.

My grandma and I hang out weekly and lately, I have been thinking morbid thoughts (WHO ME?) that "this could be the last time we talk/laugh/eat at McDonalds". I've already explained to Britain what death is because I'm that strange, but I know there will be a HUGE hole when it does happen.

Super excited about:

BLACK FRIDAY! 4 AM at Kohls with Monica. Need I say more?
NOV 28 My best friend Kim is having a shower because we made her. She feels like because its her third child she shouldn't have one, but it's with her new husband and it's HIS first biological child. Basically she invited the 5 people that wouldn't stop bugging her. And Kim's making sugarfree cupcakes because my friend is allergic to sugar! I know! The horror!!!!
NOV 30: The new Pittsburgh casino and I are going to totally do it.
DEC 4: Someone whos name starts with Kristen and I are going to karaoke into the night and she may or may not be getting a book title "Faeries Gone Wild"
DEC 5 Channel 12 office party. Oh the tales I could tell if I hadn't signed that confidentiality agreement.
And sometime in the next few months I plan to: see an effin movie in the theater, hang with the Chicks Of 96 and take over the town of Waterford (again. They are still rebuilding from the last time), paint my living room which may or may not include the color burnt orange, take back my bedroom because right now unless you have been in my womb or have a pillow on my bed that says "Matt", KEEP OUT. Its bad.

Merry Holidays Blogettes!!!


Lora said...

glad to know you are okay!
also, I'm in Erie next week, probably out on Weds nite. I'll be wearing a brown v-neck and a red t shirt underneath. It's my uniform. I wear it all the time. In fact, I'm wearing it in my blogger profile pic.
Keep an eye out for me, I'll buy you a drink!

Jillian said...

baby, I saw your room....besides the greased pole and all the porn, it isn't THAT bad.

A nanny since 1996, I'm tired of washing nipples that aren't mine.