Sunday, September 08, 2013

I blinked

Tomorrow is surreal and monumental.  Tomorrow is a day I could barely fathom back in 1996. Tomorrow Payton Taylor turns 17.  The girl who used to come to me for  a diaper change now comes to me for guy advice. The little baby I used to hold and rock to sleep now towers over me by nearly a foot.  The little thinker that used to love rides in her stroller traded in those wheels this year for a car and her first job.  She is the first of 7 Taylor girls, the first one to teach me the ropes and the first little lady in my life to take a piece of my heart for her own.  Payton, you'll always and forever be the reason why the very first day we met, when you were just 6 little weeks old, I knew I was meant to be your nanny.

But I'll still put you in timeout if you misbehave. 

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Lora said...

I don't even know her and I can't believe she will be 17!!
You are both so lucky to have found one another.

A nanny since 1996, I'm tired of washing nipples that aren't mine.