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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tam Is Dead Tam Is Dead Tam Is Dead Tam Is Dead

No, I'm not dead. There's too much debt I have to pay off before I can die. My computer at home is just a piece of shit. I don't even try to get on it anymore. So posting will be few and far between.

New things:

Brit is now 4 years old as of last week. Ugh. At least she's turning into more of a lady than ever before!

I'm spending more time at home, mostly because I'm broke and can't afford to drive my car more than I have to. Sometimes I get so stir crazy I find things to organize like my spice rack. Two weeks ago I took everything out of Britain's room and put everything back where it should be. I was a Lysol commercial.

Matt and I are better than ever. He's a great husband. Sometimes we even hold hands in public.

Britain takes swimming lessons now. She is no longer afraid to go in past her bellybutton.

I am going to Chicago this weekend with Matt's parents and Britain to visit The American Girl Doll Mansion. Can you feel the excitement rushing through my body? Why the hell are American Girl Dolls so damn expensive? The closest thing I ever had to a doll was the 2 for $1 barbie dolls at Dollar General and it took all of 3 days to buzz all their hair off. I DID enjoy playing with my one and only Cabbage Patch Doll, Katrina Lynn and I'm ashamed to admit I carried her around until I was 13. But I AM excited to see Chicago. It's been a favorite city of mine since I found out Fred Savage grew up in a suburb nearby. And I've never been. Plus his parents are totally footing the bill! Matt's parents, not Fred Savage's.

I've decided the people I have no interest in hanging with are not worth my time and I'm tired of pretending I can put up with you and your tantrums. This does not mean that the people I haven't seen in forever and miss hanging out with are in this category such as Kristen B., ron r., Erin F. and Monica A.

Matt's 10 year reunion from high school is coming next weekend. Man, I remember mine like it was yesterday, before electricity and iPods.

All the pictures I've taken recently are stuck on my memory card. I will upload soon.

Until then, Bloggys...


Lora said...

I'm glad you aren't dead!
I did wonder.

Gary Ames said...

Something to see in Chicago,a place called Navy Pier there is a really big Ferris Wheel and shopping and restaurants I think. Never got a chance to stop there as I was only in Chicago for work. Search, Navy/Pier/Chicago I'm sure you will find more info.

ron r. said...

phew! on 2 counts! glad you're not dead. that would suck when i finally get around to texting you to see what's up and you don't respond. it'd be like i think you didn't want to put up with my tantrums or something.

A nanny since 1996, I'm tired of washing nipples that aren't mine.